Pressing chain M42-M54

Pressing chain U63-U75

Set pressing chain M42-M54

SPM32 pressing chains

Our pressing chains have been designed with the various pipe systems in mind. The chains for steel fittings are designed with a new four-segment technology which we have developed. During the pressing process, the force is transferred via four segments with uniform closing action. This ensures a reliable form fit and a long service life.

Artikel Art.-Nr.
Pressing chain M42 VEPKEM42
Pressing chain M54 VEPKEM54
Artikel Art.-Nr.
Pressing chain U63 VEPKU63
Pressing chain U75 VEPKU75
Pressing chain TH50 VEKETH50
Pressing chain TH63 VEKETH63
Artikel Art.-Nr.
Base jaw for pressing chain M42-M54 VEPZM4254
Case for M42-M54 pressing chains VETK18B
Pressing chain set M42-M54 incl. basic jaw and metal case VEPKEM4254ASET