This generation of uncoilers is characterised by compact and robust design, low weight, easy and safe handling and load capacities up to 100 kg. Thanks to their patented folding and telescoping capabilities, they can be variably adjusted to match all standard coil outer diameters and heights. In a few simple steps, they can be changed from their expanded use position into a compact transport position.

Their extra-long feet and low centre of gravity ensure a secure footing. Large foot plates prevent injury to insulating or stud plates.

The rotary brake prevents untwisting (inertia) during unwinding and ensures safe and easy transport/storage. In addition to standard unwinding from the coil outer diameter, it is also possible to unwind from the inner diameter of the coil via optional accessories. Professional quality with galvanised surfaces, designed for use on building sites – made in Germany.

Pipe straightening tools

The pipe straightener supplied by VETEC is infinitely adjustable, for multilayer composite pipes of dimension 14-26 mm. Can be adapted to standard triple-armed and four-armed uncoilers and to mobile pipe uncoilers with an adapter. Can also be assembled on worktops/workbenches with a tabletop fitting.