Standard deburring tool without steel guard

Standard deburring tool with steel guard

Standard deburring tool

Standard deburring tool (with or without safety guard) with fix assembled handle.

Item Item no.
Deburring tool without steel guard / with steel guard (/ST)
14 x 2/ST VEKKG142/ST
16 x 2/ST VEKKG162/ST
17 x 2/ST VEKKG172/ST
18 x 2/ST VEKKG182/ST
20 x 2/ST VEKKG202/ST
20 x 2,25/ST VEKKG20225/ST
20 x 2,5/ST VEKKG2025/ST
25 x 2,5/ST VEKKG2525/ST
25 x 3,5/ST VEKKG2535/ST
26 x 3/ST VEKKG263/ST
32 x 3/ST VEKKG323/ST
40 x 3,5/ST VEKKG4035/ST
40 x 4/ST VEKKG404/ST
50 x 4 VEKKG504
50 x 4,5 VEKKG5045
63 x 4,5 VEKKG6345
Dimension 75 on demand