Deburring tool without steel guard

Deburring tool with steel guard

Exchangeable handle soft

Exchangeable handle T

Deburring tool CaliClip

Standard deburring tool with hexagon mandrel designed to fit in click-action handle or into a cordless screwdriver (max. 500 rpm)

  • Made of hardened tool steel
  • Surface burnished
  • “ST” model with steel guard
  • Plastic guidance on demand
Item Item no.
Deburring tool without steel guard / with steel guard (/ST)
14 x 2/ST VEK142/ST
16 x 2/ST VEK162/ST
17 x 2/ST VEK172/ST
18 x 2/ST VEK182/ST
20 x 2/ST VEK202/ST
20 x 2,25/ST VEK20225/ST
20 x 2,5/ST VEK2025/ST
25 x 2,5/ST VEK2525/ST
25 x 3,5/ST VEK2535/ST
26 x 3/ST VEK263/ST
32 x 3/ST VEK323/ST
40 x 3,5/ST VEK4035/ST
40 x 4/ST VEK404/ST
50 x 4 VEK504
50 x 4,5 VEK5045
63 x 4,5 VEK6345
Dimension 75 on demand
Item Item no.
Exchangeable handle soft VEKKGK
Exchangeable handle T VEKKGT