Four-armed mobile uncoiler VEARH4F

Four-armed mobile uncoiler VEARH4F

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Four-armed mobile uncoiler

Mobile four-armed uncoiler, designed for mobile deployment of coils in sizes up to 750 m.
Thanks to its large wheels with Ø 250 mm and narrow 750 mm construction, it is also suitable for transport over steps and steel grille underlays, and also through doorways. For low storage and shipping costs, these uncoilers are delivered in a partially assembled state.


Material steel/galvanized
Weight approx. 17.5 kg
max. coil support Ø approx. 1,450 mm
min coil inner Ø approx. 170 mm
max. coil height approx. 650 mm
max. load capacity approx. 100 kg
Transport dimensions L x W x H approx. 920 x 120 x 260 mm
Package size L x W x H approx. 945 x 155 x 285 mm
Quantity per pallet up to 25 pcs.
Item Item no.
Four-armed mobile uncoiler VEARH4F
Item Item no.
Crossbar set of four VEARH4QSET
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