Mobile Heizgerät DryFix-16kw


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Mobile heater DryFix 16kW

The mobile heater DryFix 16kW is suitable for drying the screed of floor heating installations, for heating system supply under shell construction, for generating hot water, upon failure or repairs of heating systems as well as for further applications.

The mobile heating device DryFix features:

  • simple handling
  • adjustability from 1kW to 16kW
  • electronic LCD-display
  • individual device inspection
  • PIN-code safety function
  • documentable drying process
Operating voltage 380 V (230 V optional)
Power 16 kW
Expansion vessel 6 Liters
Pressure relief valve calibrated to 3 bar
Max. operating pressure 2 bar
Calibration at min. temp. to 50 °C ±5 °C
Calibration at max. temp. to 80 °C ±5 °C
Mass approx. 34 kg
Dimensions approx. 640 mm x 640 mm x 870 mm
Item Item no.
Mobile heater DryFix 16kW MB16
Adapter cable AK380230