Battery-powered hydraulic pressing tools

Battery-powered hydraulic pressing tools with multifunctional electronics

All VETEC pressing tools are manufactured to the latest engineering standards using ultramodern electronics.
This sets our pressing tools clearly apart from those of our competitors in terms of application, documentation, transparency and user safety, thanks to the software provided and the readout function:

  • Battery with lithium ion technology
  • USB and Bluetooth® interface
  • Data storage on internal SD card
  • Visual display for maintenance and fault messages and battery charge indicator with tricoloured LED display
  • Electronically controlled piston return and motor cut-out after pressing cycle, including function monitoring
  • Monitoring of motor function
  • Electronically controlled smooth start and quick stop function to prolong the service life of the motor and gear unit and to preserve the battery capacity
  • Available with optional internal pressure sensor

Remote diagnosis via usb or bluetooth® interface and customized software

Readout function with device software and USB cable or Bluetooth® (supplied with the product)

  • Start of warranty period (20,000 pressing cycles or 2 years) displayed after 25 pressing operations
  • Display of completed pressing cycles
  • Display of number pressing cycles remaining until the next service
  • Error code display
  • Storage of approx. 100,000 pressing cycles incl. force progression graph for analysis when processing complaints
  • User logbook function for internal documentation purposes
  • Documentation of servicing and repair work
  • Remote analysis of machine status with transmission of PDF file to our service centre